A few words about us

We expect to be the best


At Memphis Tier One Consultants we believe our success comes from our constant drive and determination to create something bigger and better, and this is a mentality which is shared by everyone who works with us.

We are experts in helping your business grow and take a firm and competitive hold of the market. We believe in using the most direct forms of marketing so that our clients benefit from real and honest customer communication from the outset.

In a world where an increasing percentage of customer service avenues are automated and impersonal, Memphis Tier One Consultants are on a mission to vastly improve the marketing and sales industry by creating an experience for each customer which is not only as unique as they are, but continues beyond the initial point of sale.

Hemanathan Thambyrajah
Managing Director

Looking for a new challenge?

Our Opportunities

At Memphis Tier One Consultants we offer all of our representatives the opportunity to progress within the company and expand their skills and industry knowledge. We provide an in depth, in-house training program that is specifically designed to evaluate an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and offer real solutions that address any skills gaps and equip them with the resources needed to excel in the business world.

We also believe that meeting with others and sharing ideas is a key part of both personal and professional development which is why we make use of regular industry events and seminars to offer our representatives the best possible chance of achieving success.