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Jun / 08

Is College worth it for entrepreneurs? Asks Memphis Tier One Inc.

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Does further education really prepare people for entrepreneurship? Memphis Tier One Inc. investigates with some controversial results.  

There have always been variances in opinion for the value of education in an individuals strive for success.  Memphis Tier One Inc. are keen supporters of local entrepreneurial talent.  There has been plentiful research that supports both arguments for and against the necessity of achieving a college education.  For some, it is seen as a waste of time, and entrepreneurs are able to achieve success without the need to successfully complete studies in a chosen field.

Memphis Tier One Inc. is no stranger to Entrepreneur the online resource for anyone looking to gather inspiration or knowledge on getting ahead in business.  They have shared the statistics that those who achieve a bachelor degree have the tendency to obtain a higher wage initially.  The University Herald published three key benefits to achieving a college education.

College can help you develop your concept – the key contributor to failure in business is an under-researched idea or concept.  Ensuring there is a market for a product or service can become overlooked at times and can prove costly to resources for a new start up.  College can in some opinions assist in refining ideas.

You can build a network of valuable contacts – mentors are critical to accelerated success. Throughout college, there will be opportunities to create a vast network of contacts that could prove valuable in future dealings.

Your college degree can open doors of opportunities for you – Some companies are selective from an education basis, a high achieving college can tick boxes for prospective employers before they have dissected experience in the field.

Memphis Tier One Inc. are a successful outsourced sales and marketing firm who were developed to improve brand’s ability to develop face to face campaigns that encourage engagement levels and boost customer experience.  The firm has afforded brands the ability to hire the experts and overall reduce their overheads while increasing market share.

The firm takes care of all their selection and hiring process; they look for individuals who demonstrate high potential through communication skills and forward thinking.  The firm often hires candidates with little or no experience as they are committed to sourcing local talent and nurturing through effective workshops to upskill and establish healthy habits that will improve the success rate in business.



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