Memphis Tier One Consultants Voices Support for NBA Star’s Project
Apr / 03

Memphis Tier One Consultants Voices Support for NBA Star’s Project

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After learning of a new project launched by NBA’s Tarik Black aimed at helping young people in Memphis build a better future, Memphis Tier One Consultants has voiced their support and outlined why the future depends on positive support for young people in the region.

Tarik Black, professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers recently announced details of a new foundation he has created to help young people in Memphis. Hailing from Memphis, Black’s foundation is set to help the city’s youth by offering positive mentorship – especially to those from underprovided backgrounds.

Black’s aim is to inspire young people to think bigger and become visionaries. He is hoping with the right support the foundation will grow and help young people to understand their full potential – setting the city up with a new generation of ambitious, hardworking and talented young professionals.

Memphis Tier One Consultants believes there to be a critical need for this kind of project, particularly given the state of the current economy, where many young people are feeling disillusioned with the working world due to the lack of growth opportunities in the jobs market. An increasing number of young people have in the past few years been pushed into taking mundane jobs with limited progression potential, and are finding it increasingly difficult to move up the career ladder.

In light of this project, Memphis Tier One Consultants is trying to do their bit to support the futures of young people in the city. The firm is currently on a recruitment drive and is eager to hear from young people from all backgrounds looking to take their first steps towards success within the sales and marketing industry. Unlike larger organisations, the firm isn’t concerned by qualifications, experience or background and instead are valuing attitude, desire to learn and ambition above all else when meeting with candidates.

Memphis Tier One Consultants believes that this approach levels the playing field and gives all young people the opportunity to break into the business world.

Memphis Tier One Consultants is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Memphis that specialise in revolutionary direct marketing.

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