Memphis Tier One Consultants: How We’re helping Young People Become Entrepreneurs
Mar / 23

Memphis Tier One Consultants: How We’re helping Young People Become Entrepreneurs

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After conducting research into the declining rate of entrepreneurship in the USA, Memphis Tier One Consultants has revealed how they are helping to ready young people for the entrepreneurial world.

In a recent report published by, it was stated that the rate of which business start-ups are forming has been on a steady decline since the 1980’s. The report outlined that by one estimate, start-ups were 12 to 13 percent of the firms in the economy in the 80’s however, in the current economic climate they only make up 7 to 8 percent.

As well as there being fewer start-ups in America, their lifespan is diminishing significantly. Back in the 1980’s 18.9 percent of employment came from firms which were under five years old. Today, the average has fallen to just 13.5 percent.

Memphis Tier One Consultants, an outsourced sale and marketing firm in Tennessee, believe action needs to be taken now to boost the entrepreneurial activity in the USA. With the share of under 30’s starting businesses falling by 65 percent over the last 30 years, there is clearly not enough being done to get young professionals engaged with the entrepreneur community.

There are many factors the firm believe are contributing to this continuing decrease of young entrepreneurs. Access to experienced mentors is becoming more challenging, and young business professionals are finding it increasingly difficult to find a support network to bounce ideas off of. Memphis Tier One Consultants is remedying this drought of experience by offering young sales and marketing professionals the opportunity to learn from a community of seasoned industry experts. Each of the firm’s contractors is offered the chance to work alongside an experienced leader and gain the knowledge needed to thrive in the industry.

Another factor impacting the growth of entrepreneurship is that many companies are failing to provide their young workers with growth opportunities. To inspire young professionals to take on entrepreneurship and build their confidence in their abilities, companies need to offer greater responsibility to their employees and give them the freedom to move outside their professional comfort zones. Memphis Tier One is adamant that this is crucial to the growth of any industry, and as such, they have set a program in place that offers their workers the chance to take control of their futures and progress at an accelerated pace.

Memphis Tier One Consultants continue to concentrate on the personal and professional development of their sales contractors. The company One Consultants encourage their sales contractors to stay committed to their personal development because it is the most important step in the road to success.

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