Memphis Tier One publish the golden rules of motivation
Oct / 19

Memphis Tier One publish the golden rules of motivation

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Sales and marketing experts, Memphis Tier One argue that motivation is the driving force of success, however many people fail to master the basics.

Motivation is one of the most important driving forces of success because it allows a leader to meet and exceed organizational goals. A motivated workforce is crucial for a company looking to take control of the market; this is because a motivated workforce will produce a higher quality work output, work faster, and go the extra mile to make sure the company stands out from the competition.

Sales and marketing firm, Memphis Tier One states that motivation in the workplace is often understated and too little time is spent on developing strategies to help maintain high levels of motivation.  Because of this, the firm has published their golden rules of motivation.

Rule One: Goals are crucial

To achieve more substantial overall goals, set small goals to tick them off along the way. Because people find big goals intimidating, to keep motivation levels high, smaller, and more achievable goals should take the focus.

Rule Two: Give reasons why

People lose motivation if they are working without knowing why their efforts matter. Smaller and more menial tasks are more comfortable to complete if a person knows that they are part of a more significant and more exciting project.

Rule Three: Reinforce positive behaviours

The use of incentives and positive praise will work to increase both productivity and motivation. A person is more likely to be motivated when they are told that they are doing a good job.

Rule Four: Motivated people are more engaged

If a company wants to retain their workforce and keep them engaged at work, then they need to maintain high levels of motivation. This higher level of engagement then improves the levels of attention to detail.

Rule Five: Creative tasks are easier to be motivated for

Even the most motivated people can lose motivation when completing repetitive tasks. By incorporating some more creatives tasks, motivation levels can be kept high.

Memphis Tier One believe in using the most direct forms of marketing to ensure a positive customer buying experience for their clients target audience. The outsourced sales and marketing firm think that direct marketing methods build a positive brand awareness and increase customer acquisitions for business.  The company work hard to ensure a motivating and positive working environment for their workforce and encourage other business to value motivation as a more critical element of their business model.



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