Memphis Tier One Reveal the Sought-After Skills They Look for
Jul / 06

Memphis Tier One Reveal the Sought-After Skills They Look for

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Sales and marketing firm Memphis Tier One is on a fast track to growth, with big plans to take the USA by storm. In preparation, the company has been increasing the size of their workforce, and as a result, has collated the skills they believe young people need to make it in business.  

Memphis Tier One are relatively new to the sales and marketing industry, being open for less than five years; however, the firm has been making significant impacts on the industry. The company are experts in facilitating the growth of their client’s business by creating and managing cost-effective marketing campaigns for them. Their services are so successful because they use face-to-face marketing techniques to ensure the consumer buying experience remains positive. Memphis Tier One believes that in-person communications are the key to building and nurturing long-term business relationships between a brand and their customer base.

Memphis Tier One states that many traditional employers place too much emphasis on finding the right candidate with the required skills and educational qualifications for their organization. Instead, Memphis Tier One desire overall qualities such as ambition and work ethic the most to succeed in their industry.

With that being said, the firm still values certain skills in individuals when building their workforce as they believe these will lead to success quicker.

Firstly, the company look for a candidate to demonstrate communication skills (verbal and written plus listening) because when communicating in-person with customers, it is important to be able to tailor the marketing message to the audience. Also, Memphis Tier One regard teamwork skills as important because they show the ability to form relationships and work positively in the working environment. And since the firm is looking for candidates who want to progress, leadership qualities demonstrated by a candidate will display the potential to lead and motivate others. Lastly, an applicant who has proven their ability to persevere and stay motivated in challenging times validates their potential to work through challenges and see obstacles as a learning opportunity.



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